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Diet and Health

We feed our dogs and puppies a raw diet

and send our puppies home with NuVet Immune Support

Below are links to GREAT Raw feeding sites to answer all your questions on Why, how, and what to feed...lots of great information that will help you make an informed decision about what you feed.

All of my puppy families receive free PDF E-Books on Raw feeding and health issues such as Heartworm, Parvovirus, and hip dysplaysia along with Training E-Books by Ed frawley of Leerburg.


Links on Raw Feeding and Health Issues


Top 50 Raw Feeding Questions
Raw Meaty Bones
The Prey Model Diet
The BARF Diet
BARF World

Wysong Kibble

Pet Food Myths - Don't Be Fooled

Pet Food Controversies

Politically Incorrect Thinking is the Key to Health

Ingredient Q&A/Controversies

Pet Health Problems - Natural Solutions

Critiques of Pet Food Company Claims

We require the use of NuVet for our puppies
with our 2 year health guarantee