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We are a small breeder on the Southeastern, NC coast near Wilmington, NC. Our Cane Corso and our puppies are raised naturally on our 67 acre farm. I breed for stable temperments, intelligence, working ability, health and conformation. My breeding stock come from Old Italian and Champion Imported Lines, stable and healthy.

When looking at the Cane Corso your first impression should be that of an athlete, a gladiator. The Cane Corso should be balanced with substantial bone and great muscularity. He should be alert, fearless and confident. Originally bred for a dog of function, he was developed to perform multiple tasks from combat to herding, and the Cane Corso should appear still capable of these tasks.

"Cape Fear's Bellina"

The Cane Corso is a very balanced animal mentally as well as physically, he should be confident, secure, vigilant. The firmness of his nerves represents the true mental strength of the breed. The Cane Corso requires a great deal of socialization at a young age if you want him to be socialable in your home, this is recommended to combat the breed’s natural adversion for strangers.

There is no other breed out there that can match the Cane Corso in temperment, intelligence, strength, and loyalty. The Cane Corso is a loyal, devoted companion and defender of your family and home. We strive to breed and raise Cane Corso with the confidence and natural discernment to protect family and home, yet to be tolerant and accepting with those that do not pose a threat as well as with other family pets. Cane Corso are working dogs, we also strive to breed healthy, strong, athletic dogs who are versatile and intelligent, able to accomplish any job you can challenge them with and become whatever you want them to be.

I guarantee, you will not be dissappointed with a Cape Fear bred Cane Corso!

Avalanche's Italian Stallion AKA Rocky





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Meet Some Of Our Puppies

Cape Fear's Whiskey
Rocky x Sally 2016

Cape Fear's Preacher

Rocky x Sally 2016

Cape Fear's Fulsom Prison Blue's aka "Blue"

Caspian x Bellina 2015

Cape Fear's "Rocco"
(Rocky x Nessa 2014)

Rocco is amazing!  
He has been a tremendous addition to our family! So easy to train.  He is in the process of getting his therapy dog certification.  We are still thinking about a 2nd dog .  Cane corsos as you advised are the Best breed.   As you said, you will never get another breed!  You were absolutely correct.  He has been the easiest to train and is hands down the perfect guy!  Kev and I could not be happier!
Thanks so much!

Cape Fear's Fortunate Son , aka "Major"

(Caspian x Bellina 2014)

Hi Vicky,

I just wanted to write you to give you an update on Major. He has really been an amazing puppy. He is very sweet and has a wonderful personality. His puppy face and huge paws steal the show wherever we go and he sure doesn't mind the attention. He has quickly adjusted to life at home - he has stopped attacking my pant legs, but he does still have a thing for shoes.

We have already been to two weeks of puppy class and he impresses me every time. He is the youngest in the class but already one of the most confident. He has blown me away with how good he is on the leash, he has never even chewed on it and doesn't try to pull (knock on wood). Hardly anything scares him and he handles every new experience I introduce him to like a champ. He also seems to not have any nerve endings at times, he's like a little tank.

I want to thank you for doing such a great job raising him for those first weeks. He's everything I could have hoped for and more.

Thanks again


Cape Fear's Kaliber
Rocky x Sally 2013

I would like to thank Vicky for producing truly amazing dogs. I could have never asked for such a kind/sweet yet protective dog. He fits the definition of a Cane Corso to a T. He is great with kids great with all dogs but lets strangers know not to stand too close. He protects my house and even my friends and is constantly complimented for his physique and health. I appreciate her constant advice in alternates to medication and diet. She is so professional yet an understanding considerate woman above all. She cared for Kal when I went on vacation and it was like puppy summer camp he was so happy. Thank you so much Vicky Glisson for ALL that you do for the families you chose. Im sure Im not the only person who is lucky to know you .


(Rocky x Sally 2012)

Hi Vicky, Just writing to let you know how fantastic Koa is! 
He weighed in at 110lbs the other day…. Although he still seems to think he is a lap dog!  He is absolutely wonderful with kids of all ages, adults and other dogs.  He knows the difference between someone who is welcome in the house and someone who isn’t.  I am still amazed at how intelligent and easy to train he is.  He loves working for his treats and gives the best *high fives* and bear hugs ever!  His favorite things are kisses between the eyes, taking up my whole bed (and pillow) every night, his stuffed bunny that he has had since he was 10 weeks, giving kisses, carrots and cuddling.  People constantly stop and compliment on how gorgeous he is and always have positive remarks about his temperament.  You did a PERFECT job with his breeding and I wish you and future litter owners the very best!  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have the best companion I could ever ask for!!!


(Rocky x Sally 2012)

Cape Fear's Ava is exactly what I wanted. She is very protective at home and pays attention to everything! If a car is parked in a different place, she lets us know. When we have visitors at home she is only ok with them if Ross and I tell her its ok. I was amazed at how much she notices and remembers. When we go out, she loves everybody. The vet has been amazed with the breed. Ava has to kiss the vet every time before she leaves. All his staff get so excited. We actually stop by the vet office now just to say hi. I have never had that experience before.

(Rocky x Sally 2012)

We knew that Kaya would be exactly the dog we wanted/needed since day one. She is beautiful, extremely intelligent, and our home security system . She knows when someone is coming and also has the ability to sense if they ...are welcome or not. She is the biggest mush and snuggles and gives lots of kisses! But on guard when she feels necessary.. We are shocked at how well she has been able to communicate from a very young age. Anything she wants or needs she has been able to tell us with her body language. She learned to ring a bell on the door when she needs to go out and "high five" and many more from a very young age. She is a great family dog and makes us feel loved and safe. We are so happy with her, thank you Cape Fear Cane Corso!


(Rocky x Sally 2012)

Hi Vicky,
Giovanni is everything we could have hoped for and more. It was clear how much time you put into your puppies from the time we picked him up. I was expecting it to take... considerable time and effort for him to be comfortable with our family, but he very quickly accepted us as a part of his family. He has a calm temperament, is very loving and when he hears something that is out of the norm his ears are up and he is checking it out. We took a very long time to research breeders before deciding on Cape Fear Cane Corso's. We couldn't be happier with our decision!

I have included some pictures of him today. I sent you one of him drinking out of the bird bath It's his favorite place to drink when he goes in the front yard with us. The Vet goes crazy when she sees him. Everyone falls in love with him People are surprised at how much he wants to love on everyone...as long as one of us is around. Thank you so much for all of the time you spent helping me make my decision and helping us with the trip and transition to our family! He really is the best!!



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